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EZL Viscosity Mounting System

Sample handling and probe mounting may often be the deciding factors in a successful viscosity measuring system. The EZL Viscosity Mounting System provides an excellent mounting platform for in-line viscosity measurement with the Dynatrol® DV Viscosity Probes.

EZL Viscosity Mounting System

EZL Features

 •  Dynatrol® Viscosity Probe is inserted into the flowing stream, keeping fresh product in contact with the probe  
 •  Integral temperature measurement    
 •  Easy to insulate or heat trace    
 •  Standard: Carbon Steel Flanged - 3" or 4" ANSI 150 or 300  
 •  Also Available in SS and Sanitary Fittings

When Inquiring Specify

 1. Viscosity Range
 2. Flow Rate
 3. Temperature
 4. Pressure


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