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Dynatrol® Interface Level Detector

The Dynatrol® Type CL-10DJI Interface Level Detector has the unique ability to detect the interface between:
 •  a liquid and a settled bed of solids
 •  a liquid and a floating bed of solids
Typical applications include water/carbon, water/sand, liquid/catalyst interfaces and those that occur in steeping processes.

Dynatrol® Interface Level Detector


 This control is applicable to the detection of interface levels that exist between liquids and settled solids. Typical applications include water/carbon interfaces, water/sand interfaces, liquid/catalyst interfaces and those that occur in steeping processes. All the components have been constructed for long operating-life and require no field adjustments. 

CL-10DJI Specifications

 •  Explosion Proof: CSA NRTL/C approved for Class 1, Group D, Division 1
 •  Temperature Rating: 300°F (High Temperature Construction Available)
 •  Pressure Rating: 1000 PSIG @ 100°F
 •  Pressure Connection: 3/4 inch NPT
 •  Conduit Connection: 1/2 inch NPT
 •  Material: Stainless Steel

EC-501A Control Unit Specifications

 •  Explosion Proof: CSA NRTL/C approved for Class 1, Group D, Division 1
 •  Voltage Supply (Nominal): 120 volts -50-60Hz (Also available in 240 VAC and 24 VDC)
 •  Power Consumption: 5 VA
 •  Temperature Rating: 125°F Maximum
 •  Contacts: SPDT 2A @ 120 VAC (Non-Inductive)  

Principle of Operation

The Dynatrol® Interface Detector consists of a vibrating probe installed through the wall of a tank or vessel at the point of desired interface detection.  When the probe is in the liquid phase, it is driven into self-sustained mechanical oscillations. These oscillations produce a signal indicating the probe is not covered by the settled bed of solids.

When the solid materials cover the probe, oscillations are dampened. The signal then indicates the probe is covered by the bed of settled solids. The On/Off signal from the Dynatrol® Interface Level Detector operates a SPDT relay in the EC-501A Control Unit. The contacts of this relay can be used to actuate alarms, indicator lights or process control equipment.

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