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Dynatrol® Digital Viscosity Converters

Dynatrol® Series 3000 Digital Viscosity Converters were designed for use with all Dynatrol® Viscosity Systems. Using microcontroller technology, the digital converter accepts information from a Dynatrol® Viscosity Probe and calculates the viscosity of the liquid under test. The Series 3000 converter mathematically computes and displays the viscosity in standard units.

Dynatrol® Digital Viscosity Converters


 •   Microcontroller operated
 •   Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
 •   RS-232 two-way communication
 •   4-20 mA output standard (other outputs available)
 •   Pre-programmed for simple calibration (also field programmable)
 •   Operational displays - frequency and status checks
 •   Choice of enclosure style
 •   Quick and easy retrofit to upgrade existing installations
 •   Output viscosity and temperature data to spreadsheet (optional)

Principle of Operation

Dynatrol® Cells produce frequencies that are mathematically related to the density of the fluids passing through them. The digital converters use two known product frequency values as reference points, the air frequency value and the water frequency value. Calibration is achieved using these two values.


 •  Input: 115V, 50-60 HZ, 20VA (230V 50-60HZ Available)
 •  Temp: 25°F-125°F
 •  General purpose enclosure


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