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Dynatrol® Measurement & Control Equipment Applications

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Food Processing
Dynatrol® instruments are used in the Food Processing industry for Bulk Solids Level Detection of various substances, including those that can pack or bridge, as well as Liquid Level Detection and Density Measurement for various media


The CL-10DJ series of level switches are used for measurement of high, intermediate, or low level detection of bulk solids in mining applications such as coal dust collection and transportation.

Paint & Coatings
The Dynatrol® Viscosity Systems are used for the measurement or testing of liquid viscosity of paint, coatings, ink and many other industrial coating applications. Dynatrol® Density Systems, Bulk Solids Level Detectors and Liquid Level Detectors also have applications within the paints and coatings industry.

Petroleum & Petrochemical
Dynatrol® Density Systems and Viscosity Systems can be used to measure a variety of substances regularly seen in the petroleum and petrochemical industries.

Dynatrol® instruments are used for a variety of applications in the Pharmaceutical industry including:
• point Level Detection of capsules or powdered coatings of tablets
• determining the Viscosity of coatings, creams and ointments
• evaluating the Density of hydrogen peroxide, oil mixtures, and other liquids or slurries.

Dynatrol® Density Systems are used worldwide in pipeline applications for measurement and control of density, specific gravity, API gravity or percent concentration. Typical applications are custody transfer or interface measurement and may include crude oil, refined products or various other chemicals.

Power Plants
Dynatrol® instruments provide Bulk Solids Level Measurement of fly ash applications, Density Measurement of water treatment chemicals, various liquors and lime slurries and Viscosity Measurement of fuel oil and waste oil.

Pulp & Paper
Dynatrol® instruments are used for a variety of applications in the Pulp and Paper industry. Measure the Density or percent concentration of alkalies, acids and coatings, determine the Viscosity during the pulping/bleaching process or assess point Level Detection of wood chips in bins. Our Interface level probes can be used to detect the interface between black liquor and soap.

Dynatrol® Density Systems are used on many applications in Petroleum Refineries, Sugar Refineries, Sugar Cane Cutting Mills and Bio-Refineries. Dynatrol® Bulk Solids Level Swtiches are used in Bio-Refineries to measure grain or natural cereals in hoppers.

Dynatrol® Bulk Solids Level Detectors provide accurate point level detection for carbon black, rubber granules, pellets or powders. Dynatrol® Density Systems and Viscosity Systems are designed to measure density or viscosity at process conditions of latex, various rubber coatings or chemicals.

Dynatrol® Density Systems and Bulk Solid Level Detectors are used in steel production factilities. We measure density, specific gravity, percent solids or percent concentration of quenchants, such as brine, caustic soda solutions, oil, water or oil-water emulsions, as well as lubricants and slurries at most process conditions in steel plants.

Dynatrol® Density Systems calculate the density, percent solid expressed as °Brix, or Baumé of sugar syrups. Dynatrol® provides Bulk Solids and Liquid Level Detection for sugar applications for dry bulk sugar, as well as sugar liquor and various liquid syrups.

Wood Processing
The Dynatrol® DJ Series Bulk Solid Level Detectors are used in a multitude of wood chip applications such as furniture manufacturing, saw mill operations and wood chip recovery.

Pet Food
The Dynatrol® Series CL-10DJ Level Switches for point level detection of dry pet food are often used by pet food manufacturers to start augers, sound alarms, or signal operators regarding the status of pet food in bins, silos, mixer and pelletizers.

Our Density Measurement Systems are used to measure various types of media in the textile industry.

Concrete Production
Concrete mixing facilities use Dynatrol® CL10-DJ Level Detectors to measure high, intermediate, or low levels of various media types in the concrete production process.

Dynatrol® Level Switches are often used for level detection in storage bins or hoppers in the Plastics Industry. Dynatrol® Viscosity Measurement Systems accurately measures various media at process conditions.

Dynatrol® Density Measurement Systems are used extensively with ammonia solutions for measurement and control of density, specific gravity, or percent concentration. Dynatrol® Bulk Solid Level Switches are used on bins and hoppers for high, mid and low point detection.

Liquids & Slurries
A unique vibrating principle permits design and operation features not available with other types of liquid level detectors. This detector may be mounted on a vessel or in piping, and easily detects the level of a wide range of liquids and slurries. Many excellent applications are found in the chemical, food and petrochemical industries.

Interface Level
Typical applications include WATER/CARBON, WATER/SAND, LIQUID/CATALYST INTERFACES and those that occur in steeping processes.

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