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Dynatrol® Measurement & Control Equipment Applications

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Dynatrol® provides Bulk Solids for milling industry applications. Our point level detectors are used for measurement of high, intermediate, or low level detection of dry ingredients in bins, hoppers or feeders.


Bulk Solids Measurement

Typical applications for the Dynatrol® CL10-DJ series of point level detectors for feed and grain mills include:

 •  Alfalfa Pellets   •  Minerals   
 •  Animal Feed              •  Pet Food  
 •  Brewer's Grains   •  Popcorn  
 •  Cereals   •  Rice  
 •  Coarse-grain Applications   •  Rye Grain  
 •  Corn   •  Soy Beans  
 •  Feed Additives   •  Soy Dust  
 •  Fillers   •  Soy Flakes  
 •  Fine-grain Applications   •  Starch  
 •  Flax Seed   •  Wheat Grain  
 •  Meal    ...and more  


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