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Dynatrol® Measurement & Control Equipment Applications

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Petroleum & Petrochemical

Dynatrol® Density Systems and Viscosity Systems can be used to measure a variety of substances regularly seen in the petroleum and petrochemical industries.

Petroleum & Petrochemical

Density Applications

The Dynatrol® CL-10HY Density Cell and Series 2000 Density Digital Converter can be used to measure density of: 

 •  Butane
 •  Crude
 •  CO2
 •  Diesel fuel
 •  Distillates
 •  Ethane Gas
 •  Gasoline
•  Isobutane
•  Jet Fuel
•  Jet A Fuel
•  Kerosene
•  LPG
•  Natural Gas
•  Propane

The Petrochemical application software provided with the Digital Converter calculates the specific gravity, percent concentration, API Gravity, etc. using the density and temperature information generated by the CL-10HY.

Viscosity Applications

The Dynatrol® CL-10DV series Viscosity Meters  and Series 3000 Viscosity Digital Converter are used to measure the viscosity of: 

 •  Bunker C
 •  Crude Blends
 •  Crude Oil
 •  Fuel Oils
 •  Grease
•  Heavy Oils
•  Light Ends
•  Lubricating Oils
•  Polymers
•  Vacuum Tower Bottoms


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