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Dynatrol® Measurement & Control Equipment Applications

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Food Processing

Dynatrol® instruments are used in the Food Processing industry for Bulk Solids Level Detection of various substances, including those that can pack or bridge, as well as Liquid Level Detection and Density Measurement for various media

Food Processing

Level Measurement Applications

The Dynatrol® CL10-DJ series of Level Switches are used for high-, intermediate-, or low-level detection of bulk solids in the food industry.  

Typical applications may include: 

 •  Almonds
 •  Brown Sugar
 •  Cereals
 •  Corn
 •  Dehydrated Onion
 •  Chili Powder
 •  Frozen Vegetables
 •  Meals
 •  Potatoes
•  Rice
•  Rye Grain
•  Salt
•  Soybeans
•  Sugar
•  Wheat Grains
•  Yeast
•  and more...

For applications that have a tendency to pack or bridge our Dynatrol® CL-10GJ series of level switches are constructed to handle sensitive or problem ingredients. 

This level detector operates successfully with consistent results on: 

 •  Bread Crumbs
 •  Choco Powder
 •  Cocoa Powder
 •  Dextrose powder
 •  Dry Milk Powder
 •  Flour
 •  Natural Vegetable Powders
 •  Oats
 •  Parmesan Cheese
•  Potato Flakes
•  Powdered Drink Mix
•  Powdered Sugar
•  Protein Powder
•  Salt
•  Seasonings
•  Spices
•  and more...

The Dynatrol® CL-10GH Liquid Level Detector can be used where it is necessary to know the high. mid or low level point of various liquids including fructose, corn syrup or sugar liquor in a tank or other vessel

The Dynatrol® level probes are inserted into the storage tank or vessel at the point where the reading needs to be taken. When the product reaches the level probe the probe will detect its presence and close a contact. This contact closure can be used to turn on an alarm, a light or can be used as a computer input. The contact arrangement of the Dynatrol® level switch lends itself to use in either high or low level applications. 

Density Measurement Applications

The Dynatrol® CL-10HY density cell and Series 2000 digital density converter software uses temperature and density information from the CL-10HY cell to calculate the density, specific gravity, percent solids, percent concentration or Baumé of a product. 

Successful applications have included:

 •  Beet Sugar
 •  Syrup/Molasses
 •  Chicken Broth
 •  Chicken Stock
 •  Chocolate Liquors
 •  Coffee Extract
 •  Coffee Liquor
 •  Condensed Milk
 •  Cooked Starch Paste
 •  Corn Starch
 •  Dextrose
 •  Emulsions
 •  Food Coatings
 •  Fructose Syrup

•  Glycerin
•  High Fructose Corn Syrup
•  Molasses
•  Pork Broth
•  Potato Starch
•  Sauces
•  Sodium Nitrite
•  Soy Milk
•  Soy Oil
•  Sucrose
•  Sweetened Condensed Milk
•  Liquids
•  Slurries
•  and more...


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